Ajay Patel

Electric Eclectics

Reviving a Quirky Fest


Electric Eclectics is a small three-day non-commercial festival on a farmland in Meaford, Ontario. The festival synthesizes and celebrates experimental expression, avant-garde sound-craft and crossover media with an emphasis on creative self-expression.


There are many inconstancies with the brand and the actual event. For instance, their current logo consists of a bull skull; a common element to the desert and Western motifs, not farmlands. Besides lacking the heart of the festival, the website is convoluted with several menu items and blinding colours. You can view the original branding and website here.


My challenge for this festival was to reestablish Electric Eclectic’s identity through a design series that consists of a bilingual poster, web/mobile design, program and ephemera, all sharing the same design branding system. In doing so, I came up with the fundamental and contrasting pillars that make up this festival: serenity (its location), dissonance (its music and art), and eccentricity (its artists and fans). These themes challenged me to find that place where organic and digital meet and build visual tension.